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1 on 1 Personal Training

Personal Training is about staying motivated, getting results on schedule and maintaining them. As experienced Personal Trainers, we guide you through every aspect of your fitness and health development. We understand that everyone is different. Therefore, we provide a bespoke service to each client in order to achieve their individual goal.


We use a variety of methods to keep training sessions progressive, interesting but still challenging. We use functional training methods, high intensity interval training and basic resistance exercises. We also apply holistic principles including pilates, yoga and balance.


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Ann Page


I can really recommend Sylvia as a personal trainer, as she is absolutely fabulous to work out with. She motivates you to do your personal best throughout the session whether you are doing cardio, weight training, yoga (or all 3 at once!) using humour and encouragement.  I have seen a real difference in my stamina, flexibility and overall fitness in a very short time.

Ann Page, Director - Beyond The Brief



Chris has trained me since 2007 and I have always found the training to be very enjoyable. During this period, I have run 3 ultra marathons and 2 full marathons and Chris’s training has helped me achieve a personal best. The training has always been balanced and well thought through, when I got injured, Chris helped extensively with his knowledge on rehab and conditioning, I was fit in no time!

Richard Whitaker, Manager - Treymaine Ltd




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