Kam Bahia

Kam is Fit & Fab!

Kam is our new fit & Fab member, she started doing classes in 2011 and is a monthly member. She is a superwoman who works full time, juggles 3 kids and manages our Pilates, HIIT, Yoga and Zumba weekly! We are very proud of the progressive change in Kam who is also a big personality in our community. You can find our more about Kam here:

1. How long have you been training with North Leeds Fitness?

It will b three years next month since I did my first Zumba class. I was pretty much a novice in the way of fitness since I had done very little in the way of exercise since Uni many years ago!

2.What have you achieved since then?
Over this time I have lost just over 2.5 stone in weight which has seen me go from a comfortable size 16 to a now 10/12. The bulk of the weight I lost during the first 18 months doing regular Zumba classes. After this Sylvia recommended I do a combination of this along with Pilates, yoga and boxercise. This has led to higher level of fitness, increase in muscle tone, overall body strength and greater flexibility. For the first time, since my teenage years, I feel like the 'outer' me reflects the 'inner' me!! I have so much more energy and this has led me to personally having much more positive outlook on life. I have learnt to set up long-term targets so that I can overcome any short-term blips and occasional pig-outs ( i.e. Xmas ! ), without feeling demotivated or depressed. This 'can do' approach has been applied to other personal areas in my life and helped provide coping mechanisms. I attended all my regular classes up until two days before my hysterectomy last year. By following advice pre and postoperative by both Sylvia and Chris I was back to classes within two months.

3. What do you enjoy most about your sessions?
Classes with Sylvia and Chris are geared up for all whatever your fitness levels as options are always provided. There is a range of classes and at different times throughout the week which helps with those with busy lifestyles. When you really can't make the classes or want a more personalised schedule then personal training is also an option. I find the classes motivating and fun to do as Sylvia and Chris are good at projecting their enthusiasm and passion. The classes are injected with their sense of humour so it's never too serious or dull!! Instead there is a general sense of camaraderie and newbies are always made to feel welcome.

4. Do you have any advice for newcomers?
My personal advice for newcomers would be to come along and try the classes for yourself. I know for many there is always the constraint of time or money, but there are so many payment options i.e. the monthly pass which allows unlimited classes! I am a busy mum of three, have a challenging full-time job and find that I will always find classes that fit in my schedule. Finally, exercise should never b a chore which is why I think you should and come and join in the fun!


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