Claire Armitage

2013 Newsletter

A New Year, a Fitter, Healthier You




Claire Armitage is our new Fit & Fab member, she lost 2 stone in 3 months and feels more confident and fitter! Read her interview below.












Hello Gang!

We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. Well done to all of you who trained over the festive season, it can be tough with people thinking that your crazy but it is the key to success! Dont worry if you didn't manage to train, classes are now back in full force with a few changes to the Timetable, they are highlighted below:

  • Wednesdays Powerhoop & Freestyle Fitness Yoga is now taught at The Grammar School (Alwoodley Gates)
  • Lunchtime Pilates has restarted on Fridays 11:30 at St Barnabas Church
  • Boxing Fitness to start on Saturdays 10:45 at Moortown Social Club - Start date TBC


View our full timetable on our

Remember the flexible payment options, you can pay monthly by standing order (price fixed for 12 months) for £46 (worth it if you do 3+classes per week) or purchase a class pass.

The key to success in fitness and healthy eating is to enjoy it, you have to do it because you want to not because you think you should do - when you have achieved this then you will go a long way.

Pictures from our social event in January are up on our Facebook page (click here) we are already looking forward to the next event.

See you in classes!

Sylvia & Chris


Claire Armitage is Fit&Fab!

Claire is our New Year Fit & Fab member, she started doing classes in September and was inspired by her good friend Ruth Kay, a regular participant and also a previous Fit & Fab member. We are very proud of the progressive change in Claire, her biggest achievement is not the 2 stone weight loss but having confidence in herself and her abilities! Claire is now a regular participant of Powerhoop, 20:20:20, Freestyle Fitness Yoga, Fab Abs and Zumba! We gave Claire a North Leeds Fitness Hoodie for her fantastic achievements.


1. How long have you been training with North Leeds Fitness?
My first class was in September. I can't believe it has been less than 12weeks since I was terrified to go to my first class, Powerhoop. I was inspired by my friend Ruth Kay who has been going to classes and now looks fabulous and loving it. I had borrowed her hoop to practice before my first class and then sent Sylvia a message before I attended saying how nervous I was and please be gentle. I came home shaking but feeling amazing I had stuck it out and enjoyed it. I had very little confidence in myself but kept going and was amazed at how quickly I progressed and soon started to get the bug. Now feeling a little more confident I managed to brave Zumba on Saturday morning. I knew I had no coordination and timing but little did I know just how bad I would be. I was always behind on steps and just as I thought I had picked up one move, it would change and I'd be back to being all over the place, I just tried to keep moving so it looked like I was doing something. Afterwards Sylvia assured me I would start to pick it up after a few more classes but I didn't believe I would ever manage to remember some of those moves. I stuck with it as something just kept me going back and after a couple more weeks I am now in time with the rest of them, I can remember lots of the moves and really enjoying it. I don't think it matters how you do the moves, everyone is different and moves in their own way and no one is looking at you, you are all just focused on what you are doing yourself.
I had certainly started to get the bug and Sylvia was really encouraging and my fitness levels were improving week by week. I started to attend Pilates with Chris which was a real change from Hoop and Zumba, and has the most relaxing 5 minutes at the end. After running round after 3 children, 7 years old and under, all week, I really look forward to how good this class makes me feel, never do I get a moment to really focus on me and this is what is keeping me hooked. My husband walks through the door from work and I walk out to whichever class it is that day.

2.What have you achieved since then?
My biggest achievement hasn't been losing 2 stone in less that 3 months or dropping 2 dress sizes it is the confidence and belief in myself that I have gained, I can't believe the change in such a short space of time. I could not have done that without the encouragement and belief from Sylvia and Chris who I owe so many Thank You's.

3. What do you enjoy most about your sessions?
I have now stepped it up even more and also doing 20:20:20 which is my favourite class with a mix of Zumba, toning, cardio, yoga.. it's tough but you know you will feel it and see the results after this class, which is the reason we exercise, to see results whether it's weight loss, fitness or muscle toning. Just started Yoga too, 2 weeks in and love feeling fully stretched after this class. I have a monthly pass which is such good value for money and keeps me going to as many classes as I can make as once I've paid each month it doesn't cost me any extra however many classes I do.

Sylvia's advice to me was to try every class at least once and just do the ones I enjoy, I had no idea I would enjoy them ALL and go to them all as often as I can. Now I come home and the kids want to do all the Zumba moves with me especially Gangnam, they really want their own Powerhoop and each night I head off to another class my 2 year old daughter will ask me if I'm going to Zumba, Hoop, Yoga or Pilates? I love that the kids see Mummy keeping fit, having fun and I hope I can be a role model they would like to be.

4. Do you have any advice for newcomers?
My advice to anyone new is to believe you can do it, each week you will improve bit by bit and before you know it you will be fitter, slimmer and lighter and quite possibly hooked like me. I never thought exercise was for me, I hated the gym and loved my TV and chocolate and wine. Now I love going to classes, we are all friendly and encourage and support each other. Come along and join us and find a class or 2 or 3 that you enjoy.

Claire caught the North Leeds Fitness Bug from Ruth, could you be next??




Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

Alongside our Fitness Fananza's we have decided to set an annual group challenge, this year we have selected the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in aid of St Gemmas Hospice. Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge 2012


  • Distance: 24.5 miles
  • Height Climbed: 5,000 feet
  • Mountains climbed:
  • Pen-Y-Ghent (2277 feet)
  • Whernside (2415 feet)
  • Ingleborough (2372 feet)
  • Start & Finish:Horton-In-Ribblesdale
  • Target Time: 12 hours

Register your interest with us so we can plan dates, we will also plan regular training sessions to prepare us for this challenge.