Sucess Stories and Testimonials

Claire Armitage



"I was inspired and encouraged by friend and fellow Fit&Fab member Ruth to join North Leeds Fitness, I have gained in confidence and lost 2 stone in 3 months!"

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Ruth & Matthew Kay


"Matt has seen a huge improvement to his posture since starting Fitness Yoga and the fantastic news is that his sciatica has gone."

"I have lost around 1 and a half stone in weight, without drastic changes to my diet, and dropped at least one dress size."

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Louise Green



"Thank you for helping me feel amazing on my Wedding Day - I felt fab in my wedding dress and fitter than I have been for years!"

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Julie Goodlad




"Doing classes with North Leeds Fitness helped me lose 4 and a half stone I dropped 4 dress sizes from 18-20 down to 12"


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Carmel Rowsby



"I dropped 3 dress sizes from a 16-18 down to a 10-12 with North Leeds Fitness"


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Carla Riley




"I've lost 7 stone with North Leeds Fitness!"

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Pauline Owen - 61

"Chris makes fitness achievable, training sessions (individual or small group) are enjoyable yet challenging, pushing me to the limit. Muscle tone and core strength has developed significantly, enabling progress to be felt very quickly. Advice on lifestyle and diet together with a workout for the gym helped increase my confidence and along the way he corrected techniques to avoid injury!

Chris has a positive attitude and his patience enabled me to feel good about myself, working on weaknesses as well as strengths. Im feeling fit and feeling great"




Christine  Sekhri

"I have been attending the fitness classes since March 2011 and have achieved high fitness levels, a lot more stamina and now I can keep a high level throughout the class, an achievement in its self from when I first started. I have also lost about three quaters of a stone. I really enjoy everything about the classes, Sylvia creates a great atmosphere and is such as fun person!"





Peter J Mojsa

Administrative and Deputy Diocesan Secretary
Diocesan Advisory Committee Secretary


"Sylvia is really good at encouraging and motivating you. Her ability to listen to what a client wants allows her to deliver either in a class or one to one an enjoyable fitness programme that works. SHE GETS RESULTS!

Feeling confident is a key to enjoying classes and fitness training. Sylvia is excellent at putting people at ease, giving clear instructions in a structured way taking into account people’s ability, which makes you want to give your all.

She makes fitness training fun in all the different classes she does – Zumba, Cardio Kick, Fitness Yoga. She makes good use of her wide ranging professional experience in fitness and physiology.

I can definitely recommend Sylvia to help you to reach your fitness, toning and weight goals."



Richard Whitaker

Treymaine Ltd


Chris has trained me since 2007 and I have always found the training to be very enjoyable. During this period, I have run 3 ultra marathons and 2 full marathons and Chris’s training has helped me achieve a personal best. The training has always been balanced and well thought through, when I got injured, Chris helped extensively with his knowledge on rehab and conditioning, I was fit in no time! I always look forward to training with Chris.


Tracey Collins

Northern Regional Intelligence Co-ordinator (VOSA)


I regularly attend Sylvia’s classes and thoroughly enjoy every class that she has taught, be it Cardio Kick, Zumba or Fitness Yoga.


She is the consummate professional who cares about her pupils & makes her classes fun & informative.


I can highly recommend Sylvia as a instructor as she knows her craft & is an excellent teacher.


Rochelle Wilder



Sylvia is absolutely inspirational! Her classes are so much fun that I don’t even notice the calories burning away! I have been privileged enough to attend her classes for a few years now and can’t believe how much fitter I am as a result! Thanks so much Sylvia you’re a star!




Ruth Kirsten-Kay

May 2012 texted:

"I have lost a stone! And I can feel muscles all over the place! And I love exercising! Didn't think any of that was possible just through classes back in February when I started. Thank you so much!"


Gill Bryant-Green

Senior Consultant


"An Inspirational Teacher and Motivator"

I had said last year that I would send you a message Sylvia just to say how brilliant and inspirational I found your teaching methods when I attended your Zumba classes last year. Thank you so much for making such an impression as an inspirational and motivational teacher that I just have to come back. Gill x


Kuldip Nijjar - 40

07801 091789

The website says ‘be who you want to be’ and that’s exactly what Chris delivers. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to attain and straight away I felt that Chris understood my goals and always refers to them during our training sessions. A very likeable individual, he has a unique ability to push me to my limits whilst maintaining an energy and level of interest. Training is never monotonous, that’s for sure. Advice on diet, posture and attitude is all part of the service. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.


Anne Senior - 64


"Chris has been my personal trainer for around since 2007. He is easy to get on with, enthusiastic and a positive inspiration when it comes to working out. I usually see him twice a week and the sessions are varied and interesting and I feel much fitter and healthier as a result. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others."

"Sylvia is my dance instructor for Zumba classes in Leeds. Every lesson has been enjoyable and is a great way to workout. You can learn at your own pace, so it would be ideal for beginners as well as advanced and would suit all ages. The classes are well attended and everyone is very friendly."


Paul Sharpe - 17

"I started training with Chris as a complete beginner to boxing, his patience and knowledge has enabled me to become fitter than ever before. As well as improving my fitness and self confidence Chris has without doubt taught me the art of boxing and acquitted me with the skills and knowledge that I would never thought possible. His great attitude to training enables me to push my body to the limit in a safe and controlled manner. I am delighted with the progress I have made and I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to achieve there goals and aspirations."